Absolutely love, love, love these LED candles. They’re real wax on the outside, with a battery powered LED light on the inside. They glow so beautifully, it’s hard to tell they’re not really flame lit. The candle lights come with batteries! The batteries do last a long time It is completely made out of real wax! Even the inside with the fake little flame is made out of wax! It gives a beautiful amber glow off! The shape at the top makes them look real; as if they’ve melted a bit, and when turned on (I’ve only tested them in a dark room) they have a good amount of yellowish light and a gentle flicker. The flicker is very slight but looks realistic and seems to be random so feels like real candle. The fake flame is deep enough in candle to not be seen from side so adds to the realism. My son had his LED candle on for two days straight before the battery went low. These are great lights for anyone with allergies or curious pets and kids. I use them in tandem with real candles, or on nights I don’t have time to monitor a live flame. . They come on at the same time every night like clockwork and give the room a nice warm, inviting glow. These truly have an appreciation for the beauty and romanticism that one would want when placing candles in a room.  I can’t say enough great things about these candles! Great quality!