Love these!!! I have a wall sculpture that holds like 50 tea lights. Anytime we would have a dinner party, I would have to restock and relight tea lights at least once as they burn pretty quickly. But these little buggers never stop. Flip a switch and forget it. They’ve lasted for months now; saving me money and headache. The one knock, if you would hold them in your hand–or use them in a table centerpiece–they are obviously not real. Wouldn’t say it is exactly like the flicker of a real candle but it’s enough to be pleasant and uneven enough and gentle enough not to irritate anyone. Wonderful, realistic-looking candles! I’ve used them for several occasions & love their beautiful look as well as not having to worry about them dripping or being unsafe should I forget them! They flicker just like real candles and add a lovely warm glow to the room. No smoke, no drips, nice light to put anywhere a flame would be a problem. I paired these with some small owl lanterns, I also did things you can’t do with real candles–mingle them with flowers, put them into greenery, attach them to wreaths, for a nice holiday present that will be good, especially if the power fails. You can’t go wrong! I have seen some of these LED tea lights that are quite realistic. That said, if you have them up high or more than four feet away–they’re perfect. I use real tea lights on the table, and these elsewhere. No one is the wiser.

These are fantastic tea light candles!! I just love the atmosphere they create in my home, especially during the long, cold winters. we are satisfied with this wavy LED tea light candles cold white!