I accidentally ordered two of these and I planned on returning one, as I only needed one box for my wedding decorations but they are such great quality that I decided to keep them. Even if I don’t use them for my wedding they’re a nice little decoration to have throughout my home. I have two toddlers so my love for candles has been put on hold as a safety precaution, but I don’t have to worry about these. My kids love them too, and my one year old says they’re “preeeeeetty”. Of course, I definitely recommend these to anyone with children as well. My kids could touch them without getting burnt!

my brother planned to take his girlfriend to Prom and the location they selected for dinner was not a fancy place but a place that both wanted to go so he took two white victories lace placemats and two of these candles and had a nice “candlelit” dinner. She loved it! These truly have an appreciation for the beauty and romanticism that one would

Personally, I love the candles as well. They are well made and are truly real wax on the outside. The candles arrived in a timely manner, and were packaged very nicely to prevent any damage. Before the item actually arrived the seller reached out to me via email to ensure that I was happy with the product. I expected the batteries inside the candles to be relatively cheap, so I tried it out to see how long the battery would last. One of them went for almost 48 hours straight. I am counting down the day’s toy wedding and I am excited to see the final product. These candles will be placed inside of mason jars, decorated with burlap and lace. They all nice little guys!